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Premier Dirt Track Experience

Eriez Speedway has firmly established itself as the epitome of a premier dirt track racing experience within the bounds of Erie, PA. Its meticulously maintained track and state-of-the-art facilities provide an unrivaled platform for drivers to showcase their skills and captivate spectators with heart-stopping, pulse-pounding action. Eriez Speedway stands as a testament to the enduring allure of dirt track racing, attracting drivers and fans alike to this adrenaline-soaked arena.

Diverse Racing Categories

Eriez Speedway’s appeal lies in its versatility. The track doesn’t confine itself to a single racing category but instead hosts a diverse array of racing events. From the high-speed drama of sprint cars to the gritty battles of modifieds, the speedway ensures that there is something to cater to every racing enthusiast’s palate. Whether you’re drawn to the lightning-fast sprints that leave a trail of dust in their wake or you find yourself captivated by the technical mastery on display in the modified car races, Eriez Speedway’s lineup offers an eclectic mix of racing genres.

Schedule of Recent Events at Eriez Speedway

Eriez Speedway prides itself on maintaining a vibrant schedule of recent events that cater to a wide spectrum of racing preferences. From special races that commemorate historical milestones to themed nights that add an extra layer of excitement, there is always something happening at the speedway. The schedule of recent events is a comprehensive guide that ensures you are well-informed and primed to experience the adrenaline-pumping races to the fullest.

11th Annual September Sweep

On SAT, SEP 16 AT 6 AM UTC+07, the 11th Annual September Sweep took place at Eriez Speedway in Erie. This event marked a significant milestone in the speedway’s calendar, drawing racing enthusiasts and competitors alike for a day of high-octane action.

World of Outlaws Late Model Series

On SUN, AUG 23, 2020, Eriez Speedway played host to the World of Outlaws Late Model Series. This prestigious event brought together some of the finest late model drivers in the world, promising a thrilling showcase of skill and speed on the dirt track.

Dick Litz Memorial By Zimmers ULMS

SUN, AUG 9, 2020, witnessed the DICK LITZ MEMORIAL BY ZIMMERS ULMS event at Eriez Speedway. This memorial race paid homage to a revered figure in the racing community and provided an opportunity for fans to witness the talents of ULMS drivers in a tribute to the sport.

$1500.00 Crate Late Race By Fiske Restoration

On SUN, AUG 2, 2020, Eriez Speedway hosted the $1500.00 CRATE LATE RACE BY FISKE RESTORATION event. This race added an extra layer of excitement to the season, offering competitors a chance to vie for a substantial prize while showcasing their skills on the challenging dirt track.

Dynamic Atmosphere at Eriez Speedway

Themed Race Nights

Eriez Speedway’s dynamic atmosphere truly comes alive during themed race nights. These special occasions add an extra layer of excitement and immersion to the racing experience. Whether it’s a retro-themed race that harks back to the golden era of motorsports or a holiday-themed event that infuses the track with festive cheer, these themed race nights create a unique and memorable atmosphere.

Fan Engagement

Eriez Speedway places a strong emphasis on fan engagement, ensuring that every spectator becomes an active participant in the unfolding drama on the track. The track goes the extra mile to foster a sense of belonging and involvement among the audience.

Interactive activities, contests, and opportunities for fans to meet and greet with drivers are all part of the strategy to create a lively atmosphere. Fans are encouraged to show their support, whether it’s through vocal cheers, colorful banners, or enthusiastic applause. This active participation transforms the track into a vibrant arena of shared excitement, where the energy of the crowd becomes an integral part of the racing experience.

Affordable Prices for Every Thrill

Eriez Speedway has made it a priority to ensure that the thrill of auto racing remains accessible to everyone. The affordability of the ticket prices, combined with value-packed concessions, creates an experience that doesn’t strain your budget while allowing you to savor an exhilarating day at the track.

In an era where entertainment costs often soar, Eriez Speedway stands out as an oasis of affordability. Families, groups of friends, and racing enthusiasts can all partake in the excitement without worrying about breaking the bank. The track’s commitment to offering an affordable thrill underscores its dedication to making motorsports accessible to a broad and diverse audience.

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Eriez Speedway encourages you to explore reviews from fellow racing enthusiasts to gain a holistic perspective of the Eriez Speedway experience. These reviews provide valuable insights, allowing you to gauge the excitement and satisfaction levels of others who have visited the track.

Additionally, your own contributions to this vibrant community of fans are welcomed. By sharing your thoughts, experiences, and observations, you become an active participant in the ongoing dialogue surrounding Eriez Speedway. Your input contributes to the collective knowledge and enthusiasm that surrounds this iconic racing venue.

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Good times all around.

Rated 5 out of 5
September 12, 2023

Always love the races. Cant beat a great loud car event. Crowds are minimal and respectful. Bathrooms clean . Food and drinks plentiful. Prices are reasonable. Bring earplugs if you can to protect yourself. Its usually a late night be prepared. I heard after 8 walk ins are free. I personally like the heat’s. Good times all around.

Avatar for Love Life Live Life
Love Life Live Life

Very nice dirt track

Rated 5 out of 5
September 12, 2023

Very nice dirt track but I suggest that you bring your own chair as wooden bleachers falling apart/ uncomfortable after a period of time. Also you can bring your own cooler with drinks and snacks. Recommend you having some kind of eye protection due to flying dirt. BE PREPARED TO GET DIRTY AND HAVE DIRT EVERYWHERE!

Avatar for Allie Laurel Miles
Allie Laurel Miles

I love this place so much this place is so nice.

Rated 5 out of 5
September 10, 2023

I love this place so much this place is so nice. There fries are good and they’re cotton candy is AMAZING! But overall is a great place totally recommend it!

Avatar for Maddie Wixson
Maddie Wixson

I have been coming to the races since I was little.

Rated 5 out of 5
September 9, 2023

I have been coming to the races since I was little. There is great racing every Sunday. No they didn’t have any fireworks tonight. And in 2 weeks the track has its 60th anniversary.

Avatar for Michael Meyner
Michael Meyner

Awesome night at the races, alot of cars in every class.

Rated 5 out of 5
September 8, 2023

Awesome night at the races, alot of cars in every class. Was a little bit dusty, but it is what it is with the drought, and the high temperatures outside. Awesome job, i highly recommend everyone to attend a night at the the race track.

Avatar for Jmb

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